Kidz Kabin Childcare Nursery in Wood Green
The Kabin

Childcare day nursery at Shropshire Hall Wood Green for children aged 5 months to 5 years

Blue Room

Set across three large, open plan rooms, the space for the youngest children at Kidz Kabin (5 months – 2 years) is both spacious and inviting. With all areas of learning catered for including sand and water play, a cosy den with an array of black and white resources for young babies, toddle blocks to encourage first steps and numerous exciting sensory and heuristic resources – the learning opportunities are endless.

One end of the room can easily be made into a quiet sleeping area with the latest sleep pods from Community Play Things and is separated from the rest of the space by soft curtains. At the opposite end, there is also a convenient adjoining changing area.

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Yellow / Green Room

For children aged 2 and above, there are two more large, double height rooms upstairs. The first room has a home corner complete with play-kitchen and plenty of utensils and equipment to spark the imaginations of the children. A science and exploration area has the latest resources to provide challenge and open ended learning opportunities. Separate sand and water trays are also freely available throughout the day.

Next door, there is a musical corner including a piano and numerous instruments from around the world – all regularly used at circle times. A large dark den is a great space for children to explore colour changing lights, fibre-optics and mirrored blocks. There are also areas for building, small world play and a cosy den for quiet reading time. There are also lots of opportunities for physical play, including tunnels, balancing beams and dancing! Adjoining smaller rooms lend themselves perfectly to a changing area for the younger children and a sleep room for those who require a rest after lunch.

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A cosy outdoor area stretches around the front and side of the building, which is being redeveloped with innovative designs to maximise space and allow children to use their curiosity in exploring areas including role play, growing, mark making and water play. Already in place is a mud kitchen, packed with lots of utensils for children to explore. Colourful stepping stones and tyres make an excellent obstacle course, encouraging children to develop their gross motor skills.

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Reception / Waiting Area

Manned throughout the day, reception is the first port-of-call, with our front of house team always on hand to welcome parents and children to the nursery and assist with any queries from visitors. Adjacent to the reception, a cosy waiting area is available for parents and visitors to use when required, whether for an initial chat with nursery staff or as a place to relax whilst children settle in at the nursery.

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