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A Day At Kidz Kabin

No two days are the same and we often allow the interests and developmental stages of the children in our care to inform the activities. We regularly have thematic learning throughout the nurseries too. The themes we choose are designed to enhance the EYFS areas of learning and development. For example, we might choose a theme of nature during spring. Children will be able to grow their own food, understand outdoor environments around them, develop communication and language as we learn new words and ideas and much more.


We go on regular outings to local places such as our allotment, the Meadow Care Home, Sunshine Garden Centre, parks and the library.


We also use our private mini bus to go on full day trips to farms, museums, important historical sites like Westminster Abbey, theatre trips and many other places that we know will be stimulating, fun and exciting for children to visit.


We’re always looking for new ways to teach, learn and play. At Kidz Kabin we find creative, innovative ways to encourage your child to explore.


Below is a table of some of the things you can expect your child to enjoy when they come to Kidz Kabin. We’ve listed 3 options for every time slot so you have an idea of the variety of activities we do, but our days are never as rigid as this. 


For more information on the food we serve, please see our sample menus in our Food section.

Baby Room (6months – 2) Toddler Room (2-3) Preschool (3-4)
Breakfast 8.30 – 9am 8.30 – 9am 8.30 – 9am
Morning Activity 1 Soft play, exploring textures with different materials, puppet show Cookery, cling film painting, building structures with blocks and shapes. Art activity e.g. painting, making cards, learning about a style of art. Science activity e.g. making play dough. Forest school woodwork.
Snack 10.30am 10.30am 10.30am
Morning Activity 2 Messy play e.g. finger painting, vegetables stamps, foam play. Outdoor play. Imagination play e.g. with the toy kitchen, dressing up, free play. Learning about mini beasts (insects). Healthy eating e.g. cookery, smoothie making, growing our own fruit and veg. Musical instruments. Messy play.
Lunch 11.45am 12 midday 12.30pm
Afternoon Activity 1 Music and song time, water play, building blocks to improve dexterity Numbers and letters, story time, outdoor play. Science activity e.g. making slime. Understanding emotions using facial expressions and our reflections in mirrors. Story time. Computer skills.
Tea 3.30pm 4pm 4.15pm
Afternoon Activity 2 Story time, playing with different shapes and colours, sensory activity Musical instruments, movement activity e.g. dance, playing with hoops and footballs. School readiness e.g. literacy and numeracy games. Outdoor play. Yoga or dance.

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