Kidz Kabin Childcare Nursery in Muswell Hill
About Us

Childcare day nursery in Muswell Hill for children aged 5 months to 5 years


Kidz Kabin is the brainchild of Linda Symons. Unable to find good quality childcare for her own children, in the mid-nineties, Linda was inspired to provide a service that recognised the importance of working closely with families and focus on the individual child. Linda’s dedication to her nursery has created a unique and innovative setting, employing a team of enthusiastic, well qualified staff, nurturing children in a safe and caring environment.

Kidz Kabin opened in Muswell Hill in 2011, providing the local community with a modern, state of the art nursery, offering a wide range of exciting resources, regular outings to local places of interest and a desire to provide the best possible childcare – supporting parents to return to work and providing peace of mind knowing their children would be happy and well cared for. Ofsted has consistently rated Kidz Kabin as a good nursery with many outstanding features.


In cases where a younger brother or sister attends the nursery, we offer an After School Club to children who have left the nursery to go to school. This allows a child to return to a familiar environment at the end of a school day and makes life easier for parents who can collect both their baby/toddler and school child from the same place after work.


Kidz Kabin "5 Every Child Matters" outcome

The Kidz Kabin ethos is based on the guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, designed to help every child achieve the 5 outcomes in Every Child Matters.

We value children as individuals and help them to achieve their potential. We provide a wide range of interesting resources and encourage children to explore and develop at their own pace. Kidz Kabin staff interact with children throughout the day, helping them to develop positive attitudes to learning.

Child to staff ration

Our child to staff ratio is based on Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines:

Key staff working with small groups of children are very effective at building confidence levels and helping children to feel safe and cared for.

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