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Below is a sample of activities we offer at Forest School.  Children have fantastic opportunities to engage with nature, explore the woods and be creative. They also learn about teamwork while making new friends. 

We take the safety or our Forest School group very seriously. Safety gloves and hi vis vests are provided for every child, while children learn how to use tools and stay safe.

  • Jewellery making
  • Children use sticks from dead elder wood, to strip the bark off with a potato peeler.  This is called whittling. They use hacksaws, resting on a log, to cut the elder into small pieces. Using a ‘Pokey thing’ they poke the pith from the centre of the stick.  Children can make their choice of jewellery such as bracelets or necklaces, and can decorate the stripped elder bark if they choose.

  • Whittling
  • Children love whittling sticks of all sizes to make different objects – from a stick person to hanging mobiles – or even a hiking stick.

  • Medal making
  • Using a saw resting between a tree, children saw wood from a fallen log to make medals, flower press, hedgehogs, etc.  They use hand or palm drills to make holes in the cut wood.

  • Clay
  • Our clay morning gives children the opportunity to create whatever they choose using air dry clay.  They are taught some basic skills and are given clay tools to enhance their learning.

  • Mud painting
  • Children scoop mud into pots and add water. Using sticks to mark make or brushes made from sticks and leaves, they paint on paper wrapped around trees or on the ground.

  • Forest school Art
  • This involves weaving flowers, leaves, twigs etc through string which the children have secured onto pieces of card.

  • Hapa Zome
  • Leaf and berry printing (using stones and leaves, berries and flowers to produce an image on a white cotton piece of fabric)

  • Making mobiles and dream catchers
  • Ground Art
  • Using sticks to make dinosaurs or other prehistoric animals, children work in small groups to create realistic skeletons of extinct species.

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