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Forest School – Elder Tree Exploration

What better way to spend a morning than by taking advantage of our local resources? We visited Hampstead Heath to explore the natural environment and find an Elder Tree.

Linda made a map in advance for us with out route marked out. It had really clear pictures for us to connect to our real life surroundings. It took us past first an interesting statue and then the famous Kenwood House. Linda marked these out on the map for us and we got very excited when we spotted them!

When the adults showed the children the map and checked in to see what they recognised and remembered seeing.
We trekked across a large field like explorers…

…until we came to the elder tree that Linda had previously found and identified. She showed us the leaves and we all got to look at what shape they are. The markings on the bark and branches help us to identify the elder trees for ourselves. The raised little flecks are specific to the elder tree.

Holding the elder tree leaves and inspecting them ourselves meant we could identify them again later!
Along our adventures we saw some amazing old roots that one of the children said looked like a hand in the ground.

We learned that the middle of the elder tree wood is soft and spongey like pith and you can make things with it.

We sat together on a large log and Linda sawed off pieces of a fallen Elder tree branch for all the children. Only Linda used the saw and took it away from where the children were sitting to ensure a safe distance.

We poked out the pithy, soft centre with a rod and put it back into the hole like a cork in a bottle. It poked out to make each piece of sawn off wood look like a candle. The children used the rod themselves, under supervision.

From the cuttings we put them in water and they took roots and we planted the elder tree. But that’s another story!

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