Kidz Kabin Childcare Nursery in Muswell Hill

Childcare day nursery at Fortismere School for children aged 2 to 5 years

Physical Development

Physical development is an important part of growing up, everything from the first steps to learning to write. Children at Kidz Kabin have access to a wide range of resources to keep them active indoors and out.

We have created a unique outdoor learning environment based on the Forest School Initiative. Located within the Fortismere setting, this includes a large, two-storey wooden pod where children can explore, learn and engage in a multitude of natural resources. Ramps, tunnels, a sensory garden, mark-making area and even a magical cave are all part of this inspirational development.

We are equally supportive in encouraging the development of fine motor skills, through a variety of activities including drawing and beading, and learning to use tools such as tweezers, scissors and wood paring.


We build numerous mathematical concepts into all manner of fresh and enjoyable activities. Whether learning about numbers, shapes and colours through songs and active building games (indoors and out!) or in a more focused activity such as flash cards, puzzles and activity sheets, maths is never boring at Kidz Kabin!

We have introduced Numicon as part of children’s learning and understanding of numbers.

Personal Social & Emotional Development

Kidz Kabin is a fantastic multicultural community and we encourage positive social skills from the youngest children to the school leavers. We encourage children to integrate, engage and learn from each other.

The children enjoy a variety of activities to help build their confidence from show and tell and creative storytelling to exciting role play corners and the highly sociable meal times.

Expressive Arts & Design

Children (and staff alike!) love the opportunity to get messy with arts and crafts activities. Extensive resources allow children to access a wide range of artistic resources to enable them to express themselves through art, music and drama.

Music is a big part of nursery life with access to instruments from around the world including a giant African drum, through which children can develop their listening skills from a young age.

Understanding of the World

At nursery, we like to encourage understanding of every day concepts and challenges in the outside world. To achieve this, we do lots of focussed activities in Kidz Kabin and then go outdoors to connect their learning. Trips to the garden centre, local library, nature trails, bakery and post office teach children about their local environment. All the while, children are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and actively learn about important concepts such as road safety.

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