Kidz Kabin Childcare Nursery in Muswell Hill

Childcare day nursery at Fortismere School for children aged 2 to 5 years

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Testimonials from parents

“I am over the moon at how excellent Fortismere Kidz Kabin has been for our 2.5 year old boy. We moved him from a nursery we were happy with for logistical reasons as our older child was starting Fortismere and its exceeded our expectations on every front. The staff are consistently great and to be met each day by Iva and Karolina's smiling faces is a bonus. Our son is happy and secure and looks forward to being at the nursery. They are also especially good at accommodating us when we need last minute care. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” M

“As a first time mum I was very anxious over leaving my daughter in a nursery, but Kidz Kabin Fortismere couldn't have made it an easier transition! The staff are so genuinely caring and loving. They really make an effort to get to know the children and do activities which suit them. They are extremely proactive and my daughter's day is usually filled up with lots of different fun activities, cooking, playing ukulele, yoga class, painting, lots of outdoors and more. We couldn’t be happier with the care, attention and stimulation she receives from all the staff and knowing how happy she is attending Kidz Kabin.” Sara Anderson

"Kidz Kabin is a happy place. My daughter (aged one) can't wait to get there in the mornings. The staff are lovely and she always has fun." Hannah

"Without kidz Kabin I wouldn't have returned to work like I recently have. It has allowed me peace of mind and reassurance that my little boy is being taken care of by caring and hardworking members of staff, whilst I am unable to be with my son in the working week. My son is so happy it makes me happy. Thank you to Linda and her team." Anna Rooney

"Kidz Kabin has been an important stepping stone for Mikhail's development. Regular updates on his progress and a personal touch by staff makes all the difference." Lenka

"Theo started at the Kabin shortly after his 1st birthday and continues to thrive and enjoy each day he goes. He has made friends with other children, and all of the staff have been great with him. We feel well informed and relaxed in the knowledge that Theo has stimulating and fun days all week, and is learning about life each & every day. There is a real sense of community and the Kabin is a great way for Theo to grow & develop in absolute safety which makes our days at work all the easier." Miles Shepherd.

"Kids Kabin is a great nursery. The staff are all lovely and seem to have the patience of saints! The schedule is varied and creative and the space is fantastic. Our son is very happy there, which give us a wonderful peace of mind. He’s always talking about his nursery friends!" JF.

"As the parents of a child with special needs it was important for our child to attend a nursery where she would be safe, challenged and most of all happy and cared for. Kidz Kabin have worked closely with us as a family & the team of professionals to make her time their as fulfilled as possible. Her key worker who has developed a fantastic relationship with our daughter has also embraced learning basic sign language to be able to communicate more effectively with her. The best thing of all is knowing that our daughter just can't wait to go there and has really thrived since attending the nursery." Sharon & Richard

"Kidz Kabin is a wonderful nursery - the children are happy and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Both our children, now aged 18 months and 3 love it. The staff are warm, kind and knowledgeable. I thoroughly recommend it." Claudia Carless

"I have nothing but praise for Kidz Kabin and the wonderful environment that Linda has created." Mike Kerry

"Linda offers a unique opportunity for learning and child development in the area." Pip Kenny

"Without a place at Kidz Kabin, I would have had to choose not to return to work, or employ a nanny at a considerably greater expense." Sophie Lawrence

"My son has attended Kidz Kabin for 18months.. He is very settled there and his contentment makes it possible for me to work."  Benita Hexter

"The nursery is incredibly well run by Linda and her loving staff... I am a teacher at Fortismere School and I researched local childcare facilities extensively before deciding that this was by far the best place to entrust my child’s care and development." Helen Gwynne-Jones

"Our daughter has thrived under the supervision of Ms Symons and her team. Their dedication and care are extraordinary and I fully believe they deserve their recent good rating from Ofsted" Laura Delhunty

"My son has attended Kidz Kabin for a year, and during his time there his progress and development have come on in leaps and bounds due to the great work Linda and her team do. He is very happy there."  Noel Deiton

"Linda and the staff are amazing and Tom absolutely loves it there. It is a great comfort, as I’m sure you can imagine, to my husband and I to know that Tom is safe and so well cared for whilst we are at work." Lucie Bowler

"I really do feel that this is a special nursery and he is blessed to attend one where the staff genuinely cater for his needs." Suzanne Toase

"KK has made a real effort to understand my child and he is incredibly fond of them all. He's also learned much faster since he started going there - they have really nurtured him. Also the staff at KK have gone out of their way to give us extra support at times when there's a lot going on eg moving house, new baby, leading us to wonder what we would do without them." Varya

"What makes Kidz Kabin unique is that every member of staff likes what they are doing and they all have a professional yet friendly approach."

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