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Kidz Kabin at Westminster Abbey

We arrived at Westminster Abbey to hear some stories and learn about this really important building in our city.
First we met Hannah, who was really nice. She showed us a crown and told us that Westminster Abbey is where all the kings and queens of England are crowned, so it’s a really important place.
Then Hannah took us in a time machine and we all jumped and wiggled and turned around to take us back to the 1800s.

We met a really great lady called Florence Nightingale and she asked us if we wanted to be soldiers or nurses. The nurses had to put bandages on the soldiers to make them better where they had been a bit hurt. We used a lot of bandages on hands, arms, legs and even on someone’s head!

She checked that we had clean hands because hygiene is really important. She showed us the best way to scrub all the dirt off our hands – the backs, fronts and between the fingers.  Washing your hands is very important for helping people to get better. It means that you don’t spread any germs. Florence Nightingale told us that because she walked around at night lots checking on people who weren’t well, she was known as The Lady of the Lamp. 


We had to say goodbye to Florence but then we got to meet Queen Victoria!
We played a really fun game that was a bit like charades or 20 questions. We had to act out being a train, taking a photograph and being on the telephone – these were all things that were invented when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Wow!
Then Queen Victoria had to go because she’s a very busy Queen. But then we got back in our time machines again, went even further back into history to the 11th Century and met Edward The Confessor!
We learned that Edward the confessor was the person who decided to build Westminster Abbey when he became king in 1042. We also learned a famous story about how he gave a ring to a poor person he met who turned out to be a Saint called John the Evangelist. He met some pilgrims (people who make really long journeys to special places) and passed on the ring to give it back to Edward.
Then we went into the Abbey itself where you’re not allowed to take photos.
We learned that Westminster abbey is in the shape of a cross – Scarlett laid down and showed us the shape. We were sitting exactly where her tummy is! We saw lots of pictures of kings and saints and beautiful gold.
We went into the lady chapel and saw dragons and swords and flags and knight’s helmets. We chose colours for our flags that we might like – these ranged from the conservative choices of one colour like yellow or blue to the more imaginative choices of 4 colours (white, pink, blue and green) to all the colours to make a rainbow flag!
We then chose what animals we’d have on our helmets – we had some dinosaurs (specifically a pterodactyl), a rainbow dragon, a white cat, a black bird and a red cat. The helmets would be particularly bright and imaginative if Kidz Kabin designed them!
We looked for treasure in the cloisters and we found a room with 2 big doors and 4 giant locks! “A-ha!” We cried. “This must be where the treasure is!” We all went into the room but unfortunately we didn’t find any treasure. We were too late. It was moved a very long time ago to the much safer Tower of London.
However, when we got back to our time travel room, we did get to try on the crown!

We had a really wonderful time on our trip to Westminster Abbey – we learned so much and did loads of fun things!

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