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Learning Support at Kidz Kabin

We are delighted to welcome Rabia – our new Kidz Kabin pre-school teaching coordinator. Rabia is working across all 3 of our Kidz Kabin sites in our pre-school rooms.

She spends different amounts of time with each child dependent on their individual needs and the needs of small groups depending on the dynamics. She works with the children in groups of varying abilities to develop their understanding of key areas of learning.


The role has been specially created based on observations from key workers about the progress of children. We noticed that we have the potential to provide the children with better support for their learning, particularly as we prepare them for the transition to a school environment.


Rabia is dedicated to ensuring each child is making good progress. We don’t expect every child to be exactly the same – that is not the goal. The goal is to ensure every child is confident, progressing positively and has a good grasp of the learning concepts they need, whatever their starting point or natural ability. Our role is to encourage, to support and curate the best learning environment possible for them and we feel Rabia is the best qualified person to do that.


Rabia is developing a programme to meet the needs of the pre-school children, working with them in small groups based on ability. This ensures no child feels less able than any other child in their group and they’ll be encouraged to learn together. Rabia is working each child’s Key Person to establish a firm knowledge of each child’s starting point and needs for learning. She’ll be observing to understand different strengths and areas for improvement and develop strategies to support them. She’ll be working with nursery staff and resources and the programme will include outings and outdoor learning, teaching methods including Montessori. The programme will draw on best practice and introduce appropriate ideas based on Rabia’s observations.


June 26, 2019

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