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Forest School Policy – Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene Policy

  1. The boundaries in the woods will be set up to allow social distancing between groups of children.
  2. Children will be allocated to a group according to age. We also group children with their friends.
  3. Activities will be set up within the boundaries and children will be able to move as a group to engage in the different activities.
  4. After a group has finished using the tools and resources they will be cleaned as needed, using disinfectant ready for the next group.
  5. We will try to keep the groups to 8 children working together.
  6. The children eat their packed lunch on a tarpaulin. We encourage children to space themselves out 1 metre apart, not only in line with government guidelines, but also to discourage sharing food.
  7. Mobile sinks with fresh water, soap and paper towels are provided for frequent hand washing.
  8. We also provide a water- based hand spray which is effective in killing 99% of germs.
  9. Children should have a packed lunch which must be nut free and they will not be allowed to share or handle another child’s food.
  10. We erect tarpaulins to provide shelter if needed.
  11. Two toilet tents are provided for the children. These are closely supervised. After each use, an adult will clean the toilets and dispose of the bag. They will be taken off site and disposed of in suitable bins.
  12. Children will have a say in which activities they would like to participate as well as planning for the following day.
  13. Each day there will be physical games to ensure children have exercise. Children also participate in group story telling.
  14. All Kidz Kabin staff are first aid and Forest School trained.
  15. Any social distancing measures will never compromise the welfare and safety of the children.

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