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Settling In

Some children settle in very easily, while others may take a bit longer! We understand you may feel upset leaving your child, which is perfectly natural. Our job is to help you feel reassured that your child is happy, safe and having a wonderful nursery experience. We pay close attention to the needs of your child and to your needs too. Our goal is to make the settling in process as smooth as possible for everyone.

We know that every child is different, so we offer you a choice of 4 tried and tested settling in options, structured over one week or two. We are responsive to the needs of your child, so if they find the transition challenging, we’ll suggest a more tailored plan for them. This may be drawn out over a longer period of time, so we ask that you plan as much as you can to be flexible during the first few weeks of your child starting nursery.

We encourage parents to engage with their child during the settling process while remembering the aim is for your child to be happy when you’re not in the room too. We ask that you work with the staff on the amount of time you spend in the room as your child goes through the settling process. 

Our staff will make sure you’re fully updated on your child’s progress. You can have a cup of tea or coffee in our comfortable reception area as you transition from being in the room to letting our staff care for your child for longer periods.

What To Bring On Your First Day

There are a few things that you can bring in during the settling in period to keep your child as comfortable and happy as possible.

    • Milk bottle
    • Sippy cup (with lid) or water bottle
    • Pack of nappies
    • Nappy cream
    • Formula
    • Full set of appropriate spare clothes
    • Indoor shoes
    • Comforter (if needed)
    • Dummy (if used)

We’ll also ask that you complete a pre-settling in form to let us know some things your child likes, such as favourite toys or themes, familiar books and songs. We’ll try to have these out for them during the settling in period.

Room Transitions

Kidz Kabin has dedicated spaces for all three age groups – under 2s, 2-3s and 3-4s. The transition between each room is a carefully managed process and unique to each child. Children typically move up from the blue room around one month after their second birthday. We try to group them with one or two other children of the same age, so they move with their friends and have some familiar faces!


The transition from the yellow to green room takes place during the term after their third birthday, which means children may be aged anywhere between 36 and 40 months when they move. Your child will visit the new room, accompanied and supported by their original key worker for a short session in order to get used to the new space, children and practitioners. Over a period of a couple of weeks, the amount of time spent in the room increases to resettle your child. During this time, your child’s new keyworker will gradually take over the care and responsibilities.


You’ll be kept in the loop of course.  You will be told when your child is moving up in advance and be introduced to the new keyworker. As ever, we’ll keep the lines of communication open so you can easily ask questions or give any feedback you have for us.


While separate age groups are important to cater for varying needs, we are proud to promote an inclusive environment. We achieve this by ensuring all children access the different parts of the nursery and integrate with different age groups as and when appropriate, supported by the teams of staff from the different rooms.


All of the Kidz Kabin processes have been carefully developed by highly experienced early years specialists. We have three vibrant nurseries of happy, well settled children.

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